Trip to Dover


Eindhoven Rockcity

8.5/10 - Johannes accounts for the synths and beats. The drive and energy coming from his electronics are signature, but it's especially guitarist/singer Olga who steals the show with her beautiful vocals.

Even the Stars (UK)

"A pianist fell in love with a punk girl". That type of description often disappoints when you listen to the music, but when you listen to Trip To Dover's Fade Into Gold, the title track of their album, you get something much more than you'd expect.
[...] Not punk and certainly not classical piano, the song aims straight for the dancefloor in all its unashamed shimmering glory.

For the Love of Music (NL)

Acoustic version of "Boy", [..] shows that besides dance, rock and electro, [Trip to Dover] sounds good pure and 'naked' as well.

WoNo Magazine

Fade into Gold is an album that aims for the sky. It is as big as an independent band can pump itself up without losing credibility. It rocks hard, the beats are loud, the effects all in the right place. What is not lost in the storm is the song, the melody. Combined with the use of dynamics and a lot of atmospherics, Fade into Gold seems to push all the right buttons with me.


Fade Into Gold is a record about heroes: Emotions full of fighting spirit are sounding through the songs.
Strong stories (literally!) and a power sound are the fundament of these eight [tight synth rock] tracks that [..] put this duo in a different, more exciting, light.

Here Comes The Flood

Trip to Dover beat grief with electro dance pop on their new album.
[...] It's the synth driven New Wave meets dance sound of the Eighties that makes Trip to Dover one of Holland's most interesting underground acts.

Gezien-Gehoord (NL)

Olga's pleasantly bright, powerful voice contrasts wonderfully to Johannes' synth sounds. [...] In "I'll Be Juliet" she goes full out, deliciously raw. This song only is already worth buying [this record]! Magnificent!
"Fade Into Gold" [...] puts me right back in that mood like at that time Trip to Dover played Koppelpop, where they were THE SURPRISE of the festival that day.

LiveLikeTom (NL)

Great for stadiums AND for your living room. "Boy Backstage Version" shows that Trip to Dover easily entertains intimate audiences as well. [...]
Fade into Gold [..] makes you longing for a full-length album.

Double MBC (DE)

With their new album "Fade Into Gold" [Trip to Dover] add an extremely interesting and unique product to their discography. [...]
May we congratulate our neighbouring country for one of the most unique bands in our catalog; it is not just the uniqueness, but also the class through which Trip to Dover fascinates.

McSharQ (NL)

You can tell that Olga and Johannes sense and understand each other flawlessly. They know very well what they want and how to get this across in the right way. Title track ["Fade Into Gold"] and "The Birth of a Hero" are brought playfully and with ease. The catchy tunes reach your brain and make you want to tap along and nod to the beat.

Palace of Rock (SE)

With a voice that is made for both pop and rock, Olga Taal is most certainly at home with these songs on "Fade into gold". [...] Their music [is] truly a winning formula when I listen to their new EP featuring the lovely single "I´ll be Juliet" that is one of the highlights along with the catchy "Boy".

Noizze (UK)

Trip to Dover's new single 'I'll Be Juliet' is a hard-hitting, ambient and atmospheric belter that may ease in like an old school 80's anthem but by the chorus plunges you directly into rocky goodness with some spine-tingling and gritty vocals.

Burnin' Heart Reports (D)

SHE, the powerful vocal that rocks on guitar. HE, the man with many keys and buttons of keyboards and synthesizers. A duo that impresses by its epic, slightly dark, but positive sound.

Palace of Pop (SE)

Dutch duo Trip to Dover makes you wanna dance.

Carte Blanche Music (NL)

We can hear Olga singing: ‘Do we believe in second chances?’. And I’d like to shout back at her: ‘Yes, we do!’

Here Comes The Flood (NL)

Dance meets rock. The new Trip to Dover single I'll Be Juliet is catchy and dark.


The synthesizer has conquered the guitar: sounds mighty fine to us!
Catchy indiepop [...] (with hints to The Naked and Famous and The Killers).

3voor12/Breda (VPRO)

Johannes and Olga never disappoint with their very own danceable sound of synthesizers and guitar and above all: unbridled enthusiasm. Tonight's highlight is the very personal song "In this Rain", especially because of Olga's explanation that this is a song about losing whilst continuing to dance and to sing in the rain. 


Lifelong Lovesong: Awesome track. Killer chorus. It's on continuous repeat!

Grote Prijs van Nederland

An energetic and sympathetic band with catchy songs. So contagious to watch how the band totally engages the crowd in just 20 minutes.


The Killers in Eindhoven Electropop Overdrive. Ridiculously Catchy!

3voor12/Limburg (VPRO)

Trip to Dover, is the surprise of the festival. They bring alternative indie electropop and they enchant the crowd with their dance music.

Here Comes the Flood

Once again Trip to Dover have succeeded creating Kick-Ass Dance Rock on a shoestring budget.

Gezien - Gehoord

Trip to Dover's song "In this Rain" gives goosebumps to many in the audience. [...] For me and many others Trip to Dover was THE surprise of the festival.

3voor12/Limburg (VPRO)

Trip to Dover played and once again gave a great show. Time and time again it shows that the duo has fun during their performances. It continues to amaze me how well this band feels and connects to the audience and knows how to get people to sing along. You can tell that Trip to Dover has some years of experience at home and abroad. (Live Review from Beeg Open Air)

Marcel Helder Photography

The 2 surprises of PolderPop 2015: "Texas Radio" and "Trip to Dover."

3voor12/Limburg (VPRO)

With "Kiss Fight Dance" Trip to Dover show what they've got.


Trip to Dover blasts out a sound and energy, we didn't know existed. Very distinctive and unexpected!
Their sound is grabbing, compelling and sticks to your bones.


Trip to Dover is well on the way putting a firm mark on the dance/rock genre. Definitely not boring or repetitive. A very contemporary sound.


Trip to Dover, this duo is as solid as a rock.

3voor12/Breda (VPRO)

Trip to Dover has a clear signature sound [a mix of Roxette, The Cure and Enter Shikari, a combination that - sure enough - does work out]. Songs like Teleidoscope and The Wait are true anthems that work well at festivals like Breda Barst.

Burnin' Heart Reports

Trip to Dover, tonight’s headliner, storms the stage. One more time the crowd goes wild, which is no surprise with Trip to Dover’s music and show. A superb mix of electronic sounds and guitar riffs makes the audience dance, but also jump and bang their heads [...]

Brighton Noise

Trip to Dover blasts out a massive sound for a three-piece. Johannes’ keyboards and Olga’s distinctive vocals were the best suited music to the venue tonight – the underground basement vibe fitting nicely with their dark, hook-laden electro-rock.

3voor12/Breda (VPRO)

Trip to Dover is tonight’s maverick. They are by far the most danceable act tonight: The combination of guitar, drums and all kinds of electronics, linked to singer Olga's almost boundless spontaneity.

Mako Records

5/5 stars: "Trip to Dover's single "Where was I" changes from pop into a synth driven rock song bearing heavy influences from artists like pendulum and prodigy, it would not sound out of place on any major radio station.

Brighton Unsigned Magazine

Anyone who has seen Trip to Dover live will understand the awesome vibrancy of the band’s performance, which gives others a chance to see the official video of one of the tracks from the latest EP (Vegas & Berlin) performed live at OneRock 2012 in Germany. It really does show what you’d be missing out on if you miss a performance of the band: watch the audience rock out and be entertained by the talented members. The track itself may as well get you listening to it over and over again…

Brighton Unsigned Magazine

Trip to Dover is one of Brighton's most ambitious bands to emerge from the underground shadows [...], daringly mixing a combination of electronica, emo, grunge and rock.
The Vegas & Berlin EP has 5 tracks with anthemic courses, bouncing melodies and passages of dark electronica and sorrowful emotion.
'Bitter or Better' opens with saddening acoustic guitar tones before the song's topic is revealed through a vocal that sounds distrait and reflective as it pours out profound lyrics: "She's all alone, since her daddy died when he was far too young to go, not yet thirteen she is too young too to survive on her own." This is a real contrast to the EP's upbeat opening, 'Where was I' - a pop synth track, the vocals scream Hailey Williams during the soaring choruses and the additive synth never lets up. 'Be Juliet' has an air of mystery, its synth resurrecting the moody 80's and industrial darkness.
This is a truly alternative rock record from a band that is renowned for a great live performance - keep an eye on those gig listings!

Las Vegas Rock Magazine

Melodic, powerful female vocals, great keys, a band to keep an eye and ear on!

Reverb Radio

The reasons why I love Trip to Dovers ep are: 1- they rock big time 2- they write infectiously catchy songs - they're gonna be huge.

Art & Soul Magazine

A fiery, loud and heavy band. [...] Trip to Dover memorably offer a variation of sound throughout their set, drawing on multi dimensional dynamics. Fuelled by Johannes’ energetic synthesizer, the music is mostly fast paced and with some unique qualities.

Art & Soul Magazine

TTD's performance is tight from first note to last. [...] They played some of the most respected venues in the UK. All clad in white hoodies, they feature a female guitarist/vocalist, keys, bass and drums, and play a brand of electro hardcore from somewhere in the vicinity of the Enter Shikari camp.

FarQue Promotions

Trip to Dover is amazing live. So much energy! Buy a return ticket cause you want to see them again.