Trip to Dover


Welcome on the webpage for our GOLDCARD Campaign!
1. Our Goldcard Campaign ended on April 1st. It's not longer possible to SEND a GOLDCARD to a friend.
2. You can still REDEEM a code from a GOLDCARD you received.

Our GOLDCARD campaign ran from 14th February 2017 till 1st April 2017.
During this campaign YOU could give away our new record to the person of your choice! Pretty awesome, hey! :-)
If you don't want to miss out on campaigns like these in the future, please sign up for our Trip to Dover Mailinglist at the bottom of this page. ↓↓↓↓   It's the best way to stay informed on everything that's going on.

-Olga    -Johannes

(note: 1.Trip to Dover Goldcards will be posted out weekly from 24th February 2017. 2. All postal addresses will be used once and only for the purpose of sending out a Goldcard. After that they will be erased.)

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